Submitting Student work

Student submission of course and project work

If you are submitting student work such as an E! paper, Expo project, AHS Capstone projects (see procedures below), or SCOPE project to the DigitalCommons@Olin site, you may send your content files to the Institutional Repository Team. PDF is the preferred format for text-based files. Some projects may include other file formats such as photos, music, video, data or schematics. These files can also be accepted into the repository.

AHS Capstone Project procedures:

  • The library archives all AHS Capstone Projects in Olin's Institutional Repository as a resource for future AHS Capstone students and as a reference point for professors.
  • PDF files are used for text-based documents. Please save Word documents as PDF files. Projects in any electronic format can be included in the repository, and photographs, music files, and other media are welcome. If there are any copyright issues to consider (for example, use of copyrighted images in your document), please notify the library at
  • Note that the AHS Capstone work in the repository is accessible to the public. If you want to opt out, you need to submit an alternative piece such as your final PowerPoint. If you are opting out, please inform the library about the work that you are submitting by sending a message to However, it is expected that you submit your final project in its entirety.
  • Please make sure that each project includes a title, synopsis, and keywords.
  • To submit your work to the archive, please go to P:\\AHS Capstone Archives. Create a folder with your name within the semester of your project. Place your Final Project Submission along with a text document that includes: title, synopsis, and three keywords in your folder. Additional media files may be included.

If you are submitting a peer-reviewed paper that appears or will appear in a journal, you should review the guidelines for scholarly journal articles from the Submitting Faculty work page.

To submit, follow these steps:

  • Send e-mail to:
  • Subject: Student repository work
  • In body of text:
    • Your name and class year
    • Your e-mail address
    • Work abstract with keywords (unless attached)
  • Attach files to message