Below you will find the course materials for selected science classes offered at Olin.


Browse the SCI Collections:

SCI 1111: Modeling and Simulation of the Physical World

SCI 1121: Electricity and Magnetism

SCI 1130: Mechanics

SCI 1210: Principles of Modern Biology (with Laboratory)

SCI 1310: Introduction to Chemistry (with laboratory)

SCI 1410: Materials Science and Solid State Chemistry (with laboratory)

SCI 2130: Quantum Physics

SCI 2140: Relativity

SCI 2145: High Energy Astrophysics

SCI 2210: Immunology

SCI 2220: Biomechanics

SCI 2320: Organic Chemistry (with laboratory)

SCI 3120: Solid State Physics

SCI 3130: Advanced Classical Mechanics

SCI 3210: Human Molecular Genetics in the Age of Genomics

SCI 3220: Bacteriophage Genomics Research Project Laboratory

SCI 3250: Biological Thermodynamics

SCI 3320: Organic Chemistry II (with laboratory)