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In my GCSP portfolio, I reflect upon the connections between teaching (my lifelong calling) and my major occupations at Olin College. I describe how five roughly chronological experiences – a year-long sabbatical from my engineering degree, an inspirational education course, a series of teaching opportunities, my position as a “Resident Resource”, and numerous management positions in community organizations at Olin – correspond to five functions I believe are vital facets of an effective teacher – role model, guide, educator, mentor, and leader.

For each one, I clarify my motivations and describe elements of my methodology in order to construct a set of intentions for my eventual teaching practice. The process of synthesizing this portfolio required a significant amount of introspection and self-analysis, which I understand in retrospect involved taking great strides along the path of self-awareness and personal growth. This is a journey that only grows more and more relevant with time.

This portfolio serves as a collection of my actions, beliefs, goals, and realizations prior to graduation. It is a comprehensive snapshot of my professional abilities and ambitions in my early twenties.


Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Franklin W. Olin College Grand Challenge Scholars Program.