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Before coming to Olin, I knew I wanted one thing with my education: I wanted to help people. I believe that empathy is a defining aspect of who I am, and I want to harness this part of me to make some sort of change (which is broad, I know). I wanted to use my time at Olin to develop and pursue my passions, or at least, discover what they are. Over my four years at Olin, I believe I have found those passions, which I can summarize into three main categories: healthcare, design, and education. The stories that define my Olin experience have characteristics of one (if not more) of these themes, which I believe will shape the way I help people after my college career. Olin has given me the tools to make a difference in these categories, which these stories capture.


Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Franklin W. Olin College Grand Challenge Scholars Program.