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My grand challenge at Olin was shaped in three main areas. Long-term research in the biology lab, interdisciplinary learning through many classes, but in particular User Oriented Collaborative Design, and participation in the campus organization Engineering Discovery. Doing research and participating in clubs in addition to classes helped me get to know others in different disciplines and learn more about their solutions to problems. Another large component of my learning involved giving and receiving feedback, both from people outside of the Olin community and within. This double dose of feedback allowed me and my teammates to better understand the problems were trying to solve. To get this feedback, many presentations were done, which gave me the confidence to stand up and present my methods and results with conviction and certainty. Many class projects were team oriented, which allowed me to learn how to work well with others. I also did work on my own with guidance in research. Doing both of these things taught me to work independently but always take others advice and criticism into account. Overall, I believe Olin provided me with an engineering education that will allow me to understand and effectively communicate with people in many disciplines with a variety of educational backgrounds.


Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Franklin W. Olin College Grand Challenge Scholars Program.