Below you will find the course materials for selected engineering classes offered at Olin.


Browse the ENGR Collections:

ENGR 1110: Introduction to Modeling and Control

ENGR 1121: Real World Measurement

ENGR 1200: Design Nature

ENGR 1330: Fundamentals of Machine Shop Operations

ENGR 1510: Introductory Programming

ENGR 2125: The Engineer's Orchestra I: Acoustics, Waves, and Vibrations

ENGR 2210: Principles of Engineering

ENGR 2250: User-Oriented Collaborative Design

ENGR 2320: Mechanics of Solids and Structures

ENGR 2330: Introduction to Mechanical Prototyping

ENGR 2340: Dynamics

ENGR 2350: Thermodynamics

ENGR 2410: Signals and Systems

ENGR 2420: Introduction to Microelectronic Circuits

ENGR 2510: Software Design

ENGR 2620: Biomechanics

ENGR 3140: Error Control Codes

ENGR 3210: Sustainable Design

ENGR 3220: Human Factors and Interface Design

ENGR 3230: Usable Products: Analyzing the User Experience for Redesign

ENGR 3240: Distributed Engineering Design

ENGR 3250: Product Design and Development

ENGR 3260: Design for Manufacturing

ENGR 3310: Transport Phenomena

ENGR 3330: Mechanical Design

ENGR 3335: Mechanical Vibrations

ENGR 3355: Renewable Engergy

ENGR 3360: Topics in Fluid Dynamics

ENGR 3370: Controls

ENGR 3390: Robotics

ENGR 3399: Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering

ENGR 3410: Computer Architecture

ENGR 3415: Digital Signal Processing

ENGR 3420: Introduction to Analog and Digital Communications

ENGR 3426: Mixed Analog-Digital VLSI I

ENGR 3427: Mixed Analog-Digital VLSI II

ENGR 3440: Modern Sensors

ENGR 3450: Semiconductor Devices

ENGR 3520: Foundations of Computer Science

ENGR 3525: Software Systems

ENGR 3530: Synchronization

ENGR 3540: Computational Modeling

ENGR 3600: Topics in Bioengineering

ENGR 3610: Biomedical Materials

ENGR 3620: Cellular Bioengineering

ENGR 3650: Biomedical Thermodynamics

ENGR 3710: Systems

ENGR 3810: Structural Biomaterials

ENGR 3812: Solid State Physics

ENGR 3820: Failure Analysis and Prevention

ENGR 3830: Phase Transformations in Ceramic and Metallic Systems

ENGR 4190A: Senior Capstone Program in Engineering (SCOPE)

ENGR 4190: Senior Capstone Program in Engineering (SCOPE)