Submitting Alumni work

Alumni Submissions

If you are an Olin alumnus/a and wish to have your graduate thesis or other scholarly work/project/patent available on the DigitalCommons@Olin site, you may send your content files to the Institutional Repository Team. PDF is the preferred format for text-based files. Some projects may include other file formats such as photos, music, video, data or schematics. These files can also be accepted into the repository.

If you are submitting a peer-reviewed paper that appears or will appear in a journal, you should review the guidelines for scholarly journal articles from the Submitting Faculty work page.

To submit, follow these steps:

  • Send e-mail to:
  • Subject: Alumni repository work
  • In body of text:
    • Your name, class year and contact information
    • Include preferred e-mail address as well as Olin alumni address
    • Work abstract with keywords (unless attached)
  • Attach files to message