Prerequisites: Entrepreneurship track: 8 qualifying credits

Credits: 4 AHSE

Hours: 2-0-10

Usually offered: Fall, Spring

For information contact: Stephen Schiffman

Course description: The Entrepreneurship Capstone is an advanced, intensive experience designed to complete a student’s undergraduate study of entrepreneurship. All students are required to complete an AHS or Entrepreneurship capstone in order to graduate. The Entrepreneurship Capstone is designed as a seminar that enables students to interact with an experienced entrepreneur in order to accomplish three objectives. First, students will spend the majority of the semester focused on an individual project, the goal of which is expertise in a particular entrepreneurial or business topic. These projects are defined by each student in collaboration with the instructor, and are expected to include a substantial educational component that builds knowledge and expertise throughout the course of the semester. Second, students will undertake one or two assigned projects to strengthen their understanding of entrepreneurship. For example, this may involve an assigned paper/presentation and a community outreach project. Third, students will have the chance to fill knowledge gaps regarding the theory and practice of entrepreneurship. Please contact the instructor with any questions about the course or prerequisites.

Competencies: quantitative analysis, teamwork, communication, lifelong learning, understanding of context, design, diagnosis, opportunity assessment