Credits: 4 AHS

Hours: 3-0-9

Usually offered: Alt Spring (odd years)

For information contact: Diana Dabby

Course description: To what extent have artists exhibited extraordinary knowledge and ability in science? Does this necessarily infuse their art, and if so, how? Source documents provide the key focus for analysis and critical thought. Artists in the fields of literature, art, and music include Vladimir Nabokov (writer and lepidopterist), Leonardo da Vinci (artist and engineer), Alexander Borodin (composer and chemist), and J. S. Bach (composer, performer, and acoustician). Each of these achieved a self-sufficiency enabling the articulation and realization of work that reveals a singular vision, shaped in part by fluency in both technical and artistic disciplines. Class trips to concerts and museums in Boston and New York enable students to explore firsthand the works of these individuals. Students also have the opportunity to realize projects that meld the arts and sciences in order to experience firsthand the satisfaction and challenges faced by Bach, Borodin, Nabokov, and Leonardo in their desire for knowledge, discovery, and creative expression.