Credits: 4 AHSE

Hours: 4-0-8

Usually offered: Fall, Spring

For information contact: Stephen Schiffman

Course description: Foundations of Business and Entrepreneurship provides the knowledge and skills to succeed in the face of both risk (e.g., when probabilities of future events are known or knowable) and uncertainty (e.g., when the probabilities are unknowable). In FBE, you will learn a conceptual and practical framework for entrepreneurial endeavor, no matter what the realm. You expect to succeed at Olin, in graduate school, on the job, and possibly in your own venture, and this course will help you to do so by engendering entrepreneurial behavior. The course centers on three core competencies. First, strategic thinking is the understanding of, and ability to apply, both causal and effectual logic. Second, resourcefulness represents a talent for identifying, securing and leveraging available resources. Third, effective communication is what allows us to persuade others to support our ideas and endeavors through contributions of time, talent, money and other resources. You will have the opportunity to put your newfound knowledge and skills to the test during a multi-week, intensive entrepreneurial challenge during which you (and several team members) will establish, operate and succeed in your own product marketing and sales venture. During this time, you will also be introduced to the mechanics of business and entrepreneurship, including: how organizations and teams are established; how resources are secured and accounted for; and how ideas, products and services are valued, marketed and sold. The goal of Foundations of Business and Entrepreneurship is to introduce you to the art and science of entrepreneurship, and provide you with the means to accomplish great things.

Competencies: qualitative analysis, teamwork, communication, lifelong learning, understanding of context, design, diagnosis, opportunity assessment