Credits: 4 AHS

Hours: 4-0-8

Usually offered: Fall

For information contact: Helen Donis-Keller

Course description: Seeing and Hearing is a foundation course that is about the communication of ideas developed by research, reflection, and evolving thought, using contemporary digital media tools as a vehicle for expression. In this project-based course, students will have opportunities for hands-on learning in audio recording and editing, photography and printing, and video recording and editing. Science and engineering content are integrated in order to provide a reasonably comprehensive understand-ing of the devices we use to gather sound and images and in order to understand more fully the properties of seeing and hearing. A major goal is to enlarge our awareness of the environment we inhabit and to respond to the perceived en-vironment by producing original visual and sonic artwork. Students will complete projects including a self-portrait, a sound-piece that is used as an audio track for a short video, a video documentary, and a staged narrative. Our process is to share work through discussion sessions as we follow projects from their initial stages to completion and final presentation. Additional context for Seeing and Hearing is provided by selected readings, vis-its by guest lecturers, additional faculty and staff participation and by viewing work of other profes-sional practitioners. This course does not require prior experience with image/sound gathering or editing.