Below you will find the course materials for selected arts, humanities, social sciences, and entrepreneurship classes offered at Olin.


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AHSE 0112: The Olin Conductorless Orchestra

AHSE 1100: History of Technology: A Cultural and Contextual Approach

AHSE 1122: The Wired Ensemble -- Instruments, Voices, Players

AHSE 1130: Seeing and Hearing: Communicating with Photographs, Video and Sound

AHSE 1140: Culture and Difference: An Anthropological Approach

AHSE 1150: What is "I"?

AHSE 1155: Identity From the Mind and the Brain

AHSE 1199: Arts, Humanities, Social Science Foundation Topic

AHSE 1500: Foundations of Business and Entrepreneurship

AHSE 2110: The Stuff of History: Materials and Culture in Ancient, Revolutionary and Contemporary Times

AHSE 2112: Six Books that Changed the World

AHSE 2114: Science Fiction and Historical Context

AHSE 2120: Heroes for the Renaissance Engineer: Leonardo, Nabokov, Bach, Borodin

AHSE 2125: The Engineer's Orchestra II: Theory, Orchestration, Composition

AHSE 2130: The Intersection of Art and Science

AHSE 2131: Responsive Drawing and Visual Thinking

AHSE 2140: Anthropology: Culture Knowledge and Creativity

AHSE 2199: Special Topics in Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences

AHSE 3130: Advanced Digital Photography

AHSE 3190: Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences Capstone Preparatory Workshop

AHSE 3199: Special Topics in Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences

AHSE 3510: New Technology Ventures

AHSE 3599: Intellectual Property

AHSE 4190: Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences Capstone

AHSE 4590: Entrepreneurship Capstone

OIE 1000: Olin Introductory Experience

OIP 1000: The Olin Internship Practicum