Concept Art

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Spring 2015


This project is an exercise in digital painting, world building, and self-indulgence. My goal for it has always been to take a ‘pet’ idea I’ve had and expand on it as much as I could within a semester. While I’ve done digital art for a few years, I wanted to do an original project with a cohesive environment that conveyed something on a narrative level; both things that were new to me, as prior to this I was mainly concerned with rendering detail or primarily character focused. Through exposure in the gaming and film industry, I wanted to do the work of a concept artist, who creates illustrations of areas that do not exist to be used in media. For this project I created three large paintings as well as an array of sketches of a world built over human society dominated by fish-people. I defined the world of the compositions to be one where a race of humanoid fish creatures emerged from the sea, killing all humans, and integrating into the human infrastructure around them.

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