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Spring 2014


Various Artists is Olin's premier (and only!) progressive rock band. The group has performed numerous covers of popular and obscure music before, but this capstone project is their first foray into recording original music.

Core members Kris Groth, Jea Young Park, and Zach del Rosario composed, recorded, and mixed three pieces over the course of Spring 2014, which are archived here. The piece "Red Disciple" (del Rosario) is a throwback to the simple days of early progressive rock, focusing on simple arrangements, a riff-based writing style, and dynamic time signature changes. "Full Commotion" (Park) is inspired by electronic music, especially drum and bass electronica, and features complex vocal layering. Finally, "Memories" (Groth) is a sweeping composition that melds strange time signatures, flowing melodies, and cold hard rock. The pieces archived here could be described overall as 'pretty dope.'

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