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Spring 2014


At Olin, in courses such as UOCD and Design Nature, an important part of design is the ability to create sketch models to better conceptualize your design. Professors have provided a number of objects such as toothpicks or more famously, blue foam, as materials for the sketch models.

After taking UOCD in which the “blue foam lady” came in and gave a demonstration in how to manipulate blue foam and Styrofoam, I became curious about the materials they provided us and how to work with them to create sketch models, or better yet, realistic models (in particular, blue foam and Styrofoam).

My AHSE Capstone in 3D Design/Modeling focuses on answering the question, how can you produce realistic models using cheap materials, such as blue foam, (and other materials at Olin)? Thus, the essential project goals are structured around answering this question which include but may not be limited to:

  1. Learning different techniques to manipulate blue foam, Styrofoam, and other materials (For example, how do you make a perfect sphere from blue foam)
  2. Learning the varieties of ways to use materials (For example, WonderFoam can be used to make imitation leather)
  3. Gaining better understanding of which materials are most useful for modeling,
  4. Learn about the basics of 3D Modeling