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Spring 2014


With this series of sequential prints, I wanted to visually convey the accumulative effects of human impact on the Earth. I accomplished this by using two distinct processes to represent the two entities. The copper plate engraving of the circle represents the environment and the planetary boundary in which we live. The circle image does not change across the prints because the boundary is inflexible, but the color of the circle, which indicates the state or healthiness of the environment, changes based on the level of human impact. The copper plate was also allowed to pick up scratches as I worked on it to reflect natural changes over time. In contrast, the paper overlays represent human impacts. Each overlay is a contributor to the current unsustainable state of the world; it is not printed onto the paper directly but rather attached as an addition to the natural environment. Individually, the circle (environment) can still be seen behind the overlay, but as more and more layers are added, the less can be seen until there is no space left and the circle cracks, after which it is unknown what happens next.

1Blue.png (5071 kB)
2Green.png (5099 kB)
3Yellow.png (5418 kB)
4Red.png (5329 kB)
5Black.png (5350 kB)