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Spring 2014


Having had the opportunity to spend significant periods of time growing up in two different countries, and thus immersed in two distinct cultures, I find that I do not completely identify with either culture, but rather that I have a relationship with a blend of the cultures. Whether I am in the US or in Taiwan, I do not fully fit in culturally. This is especially pronounced when people around me point out particular observations about my behavior, appearance, habits, or other such characteristics. Depending on where I am, different attributes are highlighted – for example, in Taiwan I receive comments about my slightly accented Mandarin or my fluent English, while in the US I am frequently at a loss when my peers make pop cultural references to movies they grew up watching. Because of their interactions with me in a specific environment, people have a specific perception about my cultural identity. I wanted to capture how these viewpoints may be reflected at a surface level, which at times feels constraining, but ultimately do not affect the core of my identity. This exterior projection is represented by the patterned cages I have cast out of bronze.

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