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Fall 2013


For my AHS Capstone Project I was working in the scholarly field of painting. I enjoy painting as an art and I want to get better at it. I found after taking a painting course that I especially enjoyed painting landscapes. I also have found that when I’m at college there are places, especially from home, that I miss and have a deep emotional connection with. These are usually the most fun and enjoyable paintings to work on. With this project I am hoping to further develop my skills as an artist while having a fun and relaxing activity during this semester.

Going into the project my plan was to go through the photographs that I had from home and my recent road trip across the country and select a handful of photos that I would be interested in painting. Then I went on to explore composition with sketches and draft paints. When I settled on two drafts I was happy with I started my final. My final paintings were inspired by places in Hawaii and Yellowstone National Park.