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Fall 2013


The motivation for my AHS Capstone project is to provide to English-speaking chemical engineering undergraduate students an introduction to basic, fundamental Spanish chemical engineering terminology. My project includes a list (with accompanying audio) in Spanish and English of key words and phrases used in the chemical engineering world to provide a brief exposure to chemical engineering in Latin America to university students. In order to lessen the “fear of the unknown” for those venturing abroad to study or work in the field of chemical engineering, I examined three chemical engineering articles from a Mexican journal (Revista Mexicana de Ingeniería Química). It is an initial reference for English-speaking chemical engineering university students interested in studying abroad or chemical engineers working in industry in a Spanish-speaking country. I also created a concept map to visualize the concepts of each paper and some of their overlaps. With this concept map, those interested in studying or working in Latin America can get a general grasp of the papers I dissected and their context in the chemical engineering world.