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Fall 2012


During my junior year of college, I traveled to India to live and work there for six months with the intent of doing more spiritual learning of the Vedas in a traditional, Indian setting. The Vedas, ancient Indian scriptures, and their supporting body of knowledge not only offer spiritual wisdom but countless methods to cope with day-to-day stresses in life with the goal of eventually becoming enlightened. However, what I encountered in India was far from my intended goal, and my original plans fell through. The situations forced me to reevaluate my mental models for how I should be structuring my lifestyle both in India and back in the USA and to make changes to my lifestyle. The goal of my project is to recount my experiences in India and connect them with the Vedic knowledge and wisdom that I gained during my time there. The intent of including the wisdom from the Vedas and other Veda-influenced Sanskrit bodies of literature in the project is to demonstrate that ancient wisdom is still applicable thousands of years later in our modern world and modern lifestyle, and that, in many cases, human woes and needs have not changed.