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Spring 2012


I wrote the first rough sketches of each of these roughly fourteen-and-a-half-and-a-half poems over a span ranging from the fall of 2008 (my first semester at Olin) to the spring of 2012 (my final semester at Olin). I wrote them for fun; to see if I could; to fill writing portfolios; and in one case, for a girl I had a crush on at the time. (It didn’t work out; c’est la vie.) In my last semester, I come back to each of these poems to review, revise, and rewrite, to polish and edit and make them as good as it was in my power to make them at the time. With the help of Professor Alison Hickey at Wellesley College, I have sought to unite this final (insofar as any collection that will doubtless undergo countless future revisions can be said to be final) chapbook around themes of dreams and doubts, love and sorrow, good and evil, story and adventure.

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