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The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling has provoked a wide variety of responses from the Christian community. Some feel that it leads children astray into disobedience and occultism, while others find that it guides them in Christian ideals of love and courage. These varied responses are rooted in fundamental differences among Christians with regard to how they enter into dialogue with popular culture. Some Christians refuse to acknowledge that things of God can be found outside of non-biblical sources, while others are willing to explore ways in which their faith may be improved and strengthened by ideas expressed in popular media. This paper will explore different Christian reactions to the Harry Potter series, and will seek to connect these responses with different Christian approaches to popular culture. Further analysis will suggest that a Christian’s opinion of a popular culture phenomenon is dependent on their willingness to enter into dialogue with popular culture, rather than being dependent on an independent and unbiased analysis of the content. Through this analysis, we can achieve a greater understanding of how different Christians may approach their interactions with popular culture.