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Spring 2008


Here's the captive to Kidnapped, an original film written and directed by Matthew Donahoe.

Jon wakes up, bound and gagged, locked in a cell. The room is dark, but Jon can still see, due to light shining from under the door. Jon struggles with his hands for a few seconds, and then looks around the cell for something to free himself with. Spying the door handle, Jon stands himself up and walks over. He turns and first tries to open the door, but failing that he tries to use the handle to free himself. His attempts get more and more desperate, until finally the silence is interrupted with the loud sound of metal door opening. Jon freezes and listens. Commanding footsteps walk towards Jon's cell. Jon slowly backs into the wall opposite the door, not sure what to do. From under the door crack, he sees someone walk past, and then he hears the sound of keys. A door opens, and a prisoner calls out. Why are you doing this to me? Then the sound of bludgeoning and screaming, but eventually the screaming stops. Jon senses that he could be next, so he quickens his search for something to free himself with. He sits on the ground, rolls on his back and switches his arms to be in front of himself. He hears the agent dragging something. Jon opens the peep slide with his bound hands, and looks out. He can see a hallway. He sees the agent dragging a large black bag, and realizes that the bag is leaving a blood trail. He gasps and looks away in fear, when he looks back, the agent is gone. Jon frantically looks again, and is startled when the agent appears right at the his door, staring back. Jon falls to the ground, and can hear the sound of keys jingling as the agent begins to open the door. Jon is terrified, and looks around the room frantically for something to defend himself with, even though he is still bound. The agent unlocks the door and begins to turns the handle. Desperate, Jon charges the door at full strength A. knocking the agent down on the ground, and then beating him with his bound fists OR B. breaking the door hinges, landing ontop of the door, which is crushing the agent Panicked, and adrenaline fueled, Jon escapes the facility, disappearing into the woods.