Stencil Images

Michael Siripong, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering


My introduction to stencil art came from my love for cars, and my efforts at an early age to learn automotive maintenance and body work. Not always having the right tools or the proper work space, my enthusiasm shifted toward the artistic nature of the craft – the careful polishing of the surface, the quality and color of the paint, and the images that might be overlaid. Since then I’ve evolved my own techniques to work on canvas, and have created a few juvenile paintings using methods normally found on brick walls and car doors. While I have always loved to draw – and have drawn some of my own stencils – I have never had formal training or done much research into stencil art, my efforts have always been trial and error. This project is compelling to me as a chance to cap off my arts courses with a study of a medium that I have been fascinated with for several years.