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Spring 2007


This AHS project aims to identify and study any differences in the reasons why women and men decide to attend Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering. I devised a survey that asked students to rate the importance of various factors, such as location, curriculum, and community, in determining whether or not they would attend Olin. My analysis of the survey indicates that few differences exist in the reasons why women and men choose Olin. This may suggest a few things. First, the students who decide to attend Olin are similar, particularly regarding reasons why they are attracted to the college and perhaps even other colleges. For example, the most important attributes about Olin, such as size, mission, and community, are attractive to students regardless of gender. Additionally, many of these students may have been looking an engineering school with a rigorous curriculum and prestigious faculty. Finally, the survey results may not have yielded the necessary data to indicate whether any reasons did exist between the students in regards to gender.