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Fall 2007


Bioethics is the study and practice of making moral decisions in a biological context, a subset of ethics in general. Situations that involve bioethics arise in many fields, including medicine, research, academics, and business. These situations are often very complicated and can result in serious consequences if the ethical dimensions of the situation are not fully analyzed. Bioethics can be a tool for the critical decision-making process faced in the various fields of bioengineering. It is important for bioengineers to develop the skills and habits of ethical reflection so they are prepared to make an appropriate decision when faced with a dilemma.

This module provides an introductory course experience in bioethics, as relevant to a bioengineering class, through bioethics literature, discussion prompts, and case study analysis. It grew out of interviews with professionals engaged in bioengineering pursuits and is intended to serve as an introduction to real-world bioethics within a bioengineering syllabus. It is also intended to provide students with the terminology, fundamental concepts, and resources for future study and experiences in bioethics.