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Spring 2006


I have always been interested in both 19th century Spanish piano music and Jewish religious music, and I have spent my four years at Olin investigating the connection between the two. While learning about that connection through music and history classes, I worked steadily on composing a three-part musical piece that captured my understanding and displayed the relationship between the two different musical styles, and their influence on my own personal style.

Can a musical piece be organized in a way that explains those connections to a listener? Can a musical piece take clearly separate multiple styles of music and connect them in an reasonable manner? I believe it can. My composition will have a large and complicated structure which I plan on explaining and justifying to my audience, along with a written description of the background and education that inspired my work. My objective is for an individual to read my written explanation, then listen to the musical work and clearly recognize the connection between Spanish piano music and Jewish religious music.